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12 Signs Your Vibrations Are Getting Lower

The 12 Signs of Lower Vibrations and What You Can Do About It

Vibration is the energy that we emanate through space. It is a life force that flows through our entire body and dictates the flow of our life. It determines the events and people that we attract in our lives.

This vibration fluctuates in the way we handle ourselves and life experiences. One day it’s higher, the next it’s lower. It is through this normalcy that we handle the rhythm of our lives.

But when our vibration lowers for an extended period of time, we must become wary. Sometimes we might need to make an effort to raise our vibrations if we sense that they are low much longer than usual.

However, awareness of your vibrations is hard because they dictate the way you perceive things.

The effects of lower vibration would make us tired, physically ill, and we tend to lose touch with our soul and heart wisdom, leading to chaos and misalignment with our life purpose.

That’s why we will give you 12 signs you can look out for that tell your vibes are getting denser.

As Eckhart Tolle said:


12 Signs Your Vibrations Are Getting Lower

As today’s lifestyle supports lower vibration, we must be consciously aware when it comes.

Many things may cause us to lower our vibrations. The following are the most prevalent:

1. Dwelling on regrets.

If we put everything into perspective, we come to realize that we are not the ideal person we thought we could be. There are certain aspects in us that need attention for growth and improvement.

Every flaw we have is there for a specific purpose. Thus, it’s important that we embrace our darkness because from there our creativity flows.

Regrets define you based on what you’ve done or didn’t do in the past. Instead of locking your potential with regrets, get back to the now where you have the power to make a change. Higher vibration enables you to grow in the present and become a better person.

2. Having others to blame for our problems.

Every person that comes to us and every circumstance that happens is there to give us lessons. They are there to help us advance to our higher purpose.

When we can’t perceive things this way, we tend to blame others. Instead of accepting full responsibility for ourselves and our life we point fingers. But we don’t realize that this takes our power away.

Lower vibrations tend to limit your perspective and take away the power and control you have over your life. They don’t really take it away, but fool you that someone or something else is responsible for your life. Take full responsibility and you will take back control.

3. Falling into the trap of victim mentality.

Alan Watts said that we only have two choices: either we define our self as the victim of the world, or we are the world.

When something in our inner world is out of balance, it reflects in our outer world. We end up having bad relationships, bad careers, or simply just mess up our lives.

We think there is something wrong with the world. It is so cruel as not to give us the happiness we need. Yet when we come to understand the root cause of our suffering it’s always something in our Inner World. By working on our inner healing and balance, we come to grips with how we are shaping our reality.

4. Being judgmental to others.

Ernest Holmes nailed it: Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.”

This is one of life’s greatest ironies: what we judge in others, we have in ourselves. And that thing is what we hate the most in us.

By judging others, we are pointing at our own shadows without even knowing. What we detest in us, we detest in others. This is so because of our deep need for healing. A person who accepts its own shadows accepts the shadows he sees in others.

5. Wanting to be always right.

The issues of insecurity push us the need to be always right. By finding others to be wrong, we are showing dominance, thinking we find strength and security by boosting our egos. We avoid being wrong because it will make us feel insecure, weak, and fearful.

Once we break this “I versus you” thinking and come to accept our vulnerabilities, inner peace is achievable.

Lower vibrations crave security to an extent that people would rather live in a constructive and fabricated illusion where they feel a sense of safety rather than accept the uncertain nature of reality.

6. Living in fear.

Fear cripples us to make the right decisions and right actions. It is caused by the misguided action known as “karma.”

Every day we make decisions out of fear-based motivations. We avoid opportunities out of fear. But if we accept its presence and see it in its entirety, it will let us go. This is possible when we open our hearts to love. As is the famous adage, “Perfect love casts out fear.”

Fear exists to remind us that there might be a potential danger. However, if instead of using fear we become its slave it will slowly start to lower our vibrations until we show courage.

7. Amassing things we don’t need.

All those extra stuff hurt not only our pockets but also our eyes. The media and consumerism of our time keep urging us to buy stuff we don’t need, which we later throw away after we have consumed the desire to buy.

In reality, what makes us happy and contented are not material things. It’s life experiences. So, instead of giving onto a fad that will last only for a few months or years, it might be worth considering to trade that for experiences that could give us lasting memories.

Seeing yourself getting more and more things that you don’t need is a sure sign that your vibrations are starting to get lower.

8. Wallowing in guilt.

Sometimes guilt is an emotional blackmail that we use against ourselves. We don’t do certain things because it would make others sad or makes us appear bad.

Why allow ourselves to suffer when there’s no need to come up to other people’s standards? There are no wrongs and no rights. At times, what can make us good won’t make others happy. Or, it could be the other way around.

We need both the dark and light, yin and yang. The key is balance. As long as we do things rightly, there’s no need to feel guilty. Same as fear, guilt exists to remind you where you go against your morals. However, living in guilt is wasting its main purpose, learning from it and becoming a better person in your own eyes.

9. Surrendering to limiting beliefs.

The sky’s not the limit, your mind and belief system is. Most of the limits you have are constructive and healthy. However, there are limits that prevent you from living your full potential.

We don’t create these limiting beliefs. They are stuffed into our heads by our family, culture, environment, and others while we were yet too small to think it over. While growing up, we adopt these beliefs as our own and continue our journey into adulthood with many parts of other people’s mindset.

But now that we’re grown up, it’s time to challenge these beliefs. By believing that everything is possible, everything that really is possible will be.

10. Worrying too much.

Worry thrives in the kingdom of doubt. Lacking trust in oneself is lacking trust in the world.

We worry because we don’t trust ourselves enough. We’re afraid that things would come to worst because we assume we can’t handle it, should it happen.

When we let go of the need to control everything else, we gain control of what we really can, ourselves. We start to trust our self and allow the unconscious desires to steer us to the right path.

11. Resisting change.

Change is constant. When we resist it, we resist growth. We must learn to be open to all possibilities because clinging to the old will prevent us to bigger opportunities the new brings.

No one knows nor perceives what the future brings. With open-mindedness, we must learn how to love without attachments, live without expectations and perceive without judgments. It’s the only way to happiness.

When we have lower vibrations we look for security and change scares us. However, realizing that everything changes all the time we see that we always handle change only that we aren’t aware of that. We don’t need to prevent change for safety, we create safety.

12. Entrusting our life to others.

Our path is our own. No one can design it nor change it for us. We have to take the road, regardless.

As long as we are open to introspection, we will do well. Most of all, we must know our self.

We are our own responsibility. Our happiness, our life, our choices, all of that is our own responsibility.


Source: Life Coach Code


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