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12 Science Facts That You Learned In School Which Are Not True Anymore

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We are led to believe that the school system is the citadel of truth and enlightenment. We believe what we are taught are indisputable facts that will hold all our lives. But these 12 examples prove that school lessons were not true for us in many instances by providing us incorrect science facts:

1. Blood, Diamond, And Coal?

science facts diamond

The science fact is that both coal and diamond come from carbon even though all the diamonds of the earth were created much before coal. They were created in the earth’s high-pressure mantle while coal was created relatively later in the earth’s crust.

2. Neanderthals Were Intellectually Inferior To Homo Sapiens

science facts neanderthal

Credit: Iain Masterton/incamerastock/Corbis

The quality of cave art done by the Neanderthals in Europe proves that far from being brutish, they were intellectually and emotionally equal to the Homo sapiens. They also made ornaments and tools and knew the use of fire even though they could not light one. This intelligence could have led to their interaction with Homo sapiens. That’s one incorrect science fact that we need to correct!

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3. Matter Is Liquid, Solid, Gas, And Maybe Plasma?

science facts plasma

Matter has several other states like Plasma, Bose-Einstein condensates, and photonic matter. Liquids, solids, and gases are just the states where they can be found in everyday life. Not all school lessons provide correct science facts, eh?

4. Dinosaurs’ Extinction

science facts asteroid

Image Credit:  Donald Davis

The Chicxulub crater debunked the myth that we can never know the cause of the disappearance of dinosaurs. The impact of an asteroid 66 million years ago created a massive crater and triggered a massive sulfur cloud that blocked out the sun, released massive amounts of poisonous sulfur, and created mile-high waves. Most dinosaurs were decimated instantly and the rest were killed by the subsequent ice age. Some also are of the view that the reason could be the volcanic eruptions in the Indian subcontinent.

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5. Sit-Ups And Crunches Strengthen Your Core

science facts crunches

It was a standard more in exercise but crunches do not help in core-building. Executing crunches rapidly can increase stress on the lower back and reinforces the suspicion. Another one of those incorrect science facts goes to the trash!

6. Mars Has No Liquid Water

science facts mars

Analysis of recent data over 3 years suggests that vast lakes of water lie under the polar caps of Mars though there is no evidence to support that water flows seasonally across the surface of the red planet.

7. Camel Humps Are (Not) Water Tanks

science facts camel

The hump of the camels is for storing fat to replenish them as they travel long distances across the desert.  The secret to the camel’s phenomenal ability probably lies in the oval shape of the blood cells which stores lots of water and allows it to go for miles without it. Astonished by this one popular but incorrect science fact?

8. Milk Strengthens Your Bones

science facts milk

A robust campaign by the dairy industry propagates the hype of the good qualities of milk. The claim by the industry that 3 cups of milk a day gives you sufficient vitamin D and calcium is not a proven one. The total dairy category has been included in the claim including cheese and yogurt. So many school lessons were not true!

9. Dinosaurs Had Scales

science facts dinosaurs

Subsequent research has proved that dinosaurs used to be covered in feathers. Scientists have unearthed dinosaur fossils in Siberia and China covered in feathers that support the plumage theory. There is a strong possibility that the ancestor of the dinosaur was covered in feathers underneath which were brightly colored scales.

10. Alcohol = Brain Cell Death

science facts alcohol

While it’s true that wine could damage the connection between the brain cells, it is wrong to presume that they kill the cells. Excessive drinking for a long period can damage the brain and cause shrinkage.

11. Light Is The Fastest, Or Is It?

science facts light

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Light has a velocity of 299,792,458 m/s but slows down if passed through many substances. Diamonds and even water slow down light rays. Electrons and neutrons are much faster than light.

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12. Electrons, Protons, And Neutrons And Some More?

science facts plasma

Matter is not that simple and 18 more particles have been predicted by quantum physicists. Quarks and gluons are two of the recent discoveries. Did you know this science fact before?

These points prove that every science fact that we learn should not be held to be true forever. Modern scientific methods are debunking many science facts held to be indisputable even a few years ago. It only goes on to show that we need to update our school syllabus!

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Kash Khan

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