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10 Ways To Be The Master Of Your Reality

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10 incredible small life transforming hacks that help you take full control of your life inturn increasing your happiness and confidence!


Choose to take full responsibility about all of the choices you have made in your life honestly and openly.

Use Empowering Language

Instead of “I have no choice” use “I have decided to.”
“I am more comfortable doing this” instead of “I’m afraid to do that.”
Never use language that communicates to your mind that you don’t ever have a choice or you are out of control.

Carry Affirmations with You Everywhere

“My rewards in life will reflect my service and contribution.” in every daily transaction.

Relax More

Learn how to relax mentally and physically, especially before you go to sleep, get into a relaxation mode for 1 hour before you plan to go to sleep.

Make it happen for you

Don’t wait for opportunities, invitations or wait around for things to happen, make emails, call people, never give up.

Action Today Not Tomorrow

Make this little motto a habbit, even in the small things. You don’t feel like doing something, practice just doing it today instead of tomorrow and do tasks straight away so it doesn’t pile up.

Create Your Own Story

Write your own story and your own horoscope for yourself. Make a list of all the things you want to change and seek out authorities in your field that you can model their habits.

Go all out

For the next 30 days commit to whatever it is you are doing in your life. No matter if you are not doing what you love, commit to putting 100% into everything you do, your job, your routine, service to others and in the end you will find a new passion for life and it will continue.

Keep Learning

Invest in yourself and your skill development. It not only improves confidence but transforms your mind. Go to seminars, listen to tapes, read books.

“If an individual empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him” – Ben Franklin

Wake up Earlier

Set your alarm half an hour earlier and leave at the earlier time. Use the extra half an hour to wake up and live and ask “How can I spend today on priorities that are important to me?”

Writer:  ChristinaBlunsum.Com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

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