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Educate Inspire Change (EIC) is a conscious media platform formed in 2012.

We built a following of over 3.5 million followers over the course of 8 years until in December of 2020 our primary page on Facebook was unpublished and later deleted by Facebook simply for speaking the truth.

Since then we have built our own subscription based Conscious Community App and are much more focused on helping people to gain more self-awareness in order for them to understand the true nature of reality and how all the answers we seek lie within. We believe that we live in very unique times and that it is vitally important that each of us reclaim our sovereignty by embarking on a path of self-healing.

Once we start to heal mind, body and spirt we come into alignment with our true purpose, and a world full of people with purpose is a world in which humanity can thrive.

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Join the growing community of over 70 members looking to grow and work on themselves in order to make the world a better place. The app Includes:

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  • 70+ Highly Conscious Members
  • Escape the Matrix Workshop
  • Plant Medicine Integration Workshops
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Kash Khan otherwise known as Conscious Kash is the founder of EIC and for the past 3 years has been working deeply with Sacred Plant Medicines such as Ayahuaca, Yage, Iboga, Mushrooms, San Pedro and Kambo. 

Kash has travelled to countless retreats across South America and worked with many Shamans, Taitas, Healers, Guides, Integration Coaches and more. Along the way through his transformational journeys he has picked up a wealth of experience making him a fantastic resource for anyone looking to integrate these sacred medicines into their life.

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