Stressing Over Things Like Money? Apply This Life Technique And Watch Your Problems Disappear

If any of you are in debt or financial trouble I am going to share a technique that when applied correctly really works to help you get to where you want to be.

Everything I say and tell you to do has to be backed up by genuine belief and action.

Fundamentally everything in the universe including us is made up of energy. How we interact with the universe (and ourselves, if that makes any sense) is paramount to what happens to us during our time alive here on Earth. One of the most common sources of stress and negative energy is money. Money controls such a huge part of our lives that we cannot help but need it in order to live with any mount of freedom. This can often create resentment and hatred towards money , but this is the first mistake many of us make. Money is not the problem, the power people give to the money is the problem, and the systems created by people who control the flow of money is another big part of the problem. But as soon as you look at money as just an object and even quite a desirable object because it can help you get some level of freedom in this world in which we live then you have just given yourself a much better chance at fulfilling your dreams whatever they may be and chances are, that in order to fulfill your dreams you will need to have earned at least some level of money.

So first thing first – Change your perception of money!

So, now onto the part where I was talking about debt. If you are in debt , it will for sure be playing a big role in your daily thoughts, you will be worrying, overthinking and stressing yourself out so much so that it may even affect your sleep and health. My second piece of advice is so simple it sounds too simple to be true – STOP WORRYING, stop focusing your mind on the debt or any negative aspect related to the debt. Instead make a conscious CHOICE to be positive. Think positive thoughts about how you can perhaps generate more money , come up with innovative and exciting new ideas, talk to people and actively engage with them about how to improve your situation. What you are doing here is shifting your energy from the negative to the positive. Scientifically speaking positive energy attracts positive energy. By focusing on solutions instead of problems , you will find that the problems will eventually just disappear as quickly as the solutions appear.

This same method can be applied to so many aspects of life. You simply need to focus your thoughts and energy on the positive side of things.. Of course it not quite at black and white as this and you still need be aware of what the problems are , just be sure you don’t dwell on the negative for any longer than necessary.

I hope this little bit of advice works for you as it certainly has for me and many other people I know of. It is much easier said than done at first, but over time it is like a sub-conscious art that you will get better at over time , and trust me – soon it will come natural to you and you will start to attract the things in life you want the most. Thanks for reading and for all your support on this page. <3

Kasim Khan – Team EiC

Note: Appreciate that debt is western world privilege. This debt is representative of all of the choice, benefits and opportunity offered to you, and it’s not your job to resent it.