Some People Are Meant to Be Alone! 14 Ways to Tell if You Are That Person

We are all unique, with our own individual paths in life. For some people that will mean finding their perfect partner, having children and raising a family, however, this isn’t necessarily true for everyone.

There are a number of people who are genuinely happy kicking it on their own, without tying themselves down with a relationship. These people would rather spend their time hanging out with their closest friends then grabbing dinner and a movie with their partner. Sometimes referred to as a loner or introvert, it’s not that they don’t want people in their lives, they just prefer their own downtime.

When quizzed, experts including psychologists, relationship coaches, and dating experts revealed these 14 signs that you were meant to stay single:

It Just Feels Right

You may not be able to put your finger on it, but there is something about living the single life that just feels ‘right’ to you. No one said you had to have a reason!

You Always Want Things Your Way

There isn’t always a ‘right way’ and a ‘wrong way’ when looking at the finer details of your life. If you are so set on how specific details should be carried out in your world, like how to make your bed, you are going to drive your partner crazy.

You Are Determined You Don’t Need Anyone

While there is nothing wrong with being independent, a relationship is about being a team. If you can’t let anyone in, then you may just be happier on your own.

You Want to ‘Do You’ 24/7

Confident and comfortable in your own skin, you enjoy life traveling your own path and doing the things that you love the most. The idea of having to change or alter this in any way for someone else makes you roll your eyes.

You would Rather be Right than Happy

Relationships are all about sacrifice, and if you aren’t willing to make that sacrifice then there is no point in wasting your time.

Others Irritate You

You would rather spend your time focused on your own problems than spending your energy on anyone else. When you enter into a relationship you enter into a partnership, where you support one another both in the good and the bad.

You Aren’t Prepared to Compromise

Every healthy relationship involves a significant amount of compromise from both parties in order to survive.

You Need Control

You are so desperate to have control over everything in your life, that you even feel the need to be in control over those people who enter into it.

You Prefer a Clear Divide

While those happy to be in a relationship are content reaching the ‘our’ phase, you insist on a clear divide between ‘yours’ and ‘mine.’ Sharing isn’t in your vocabulary.

You Are Content Being a Loner

You are content living your life all alone, without anyone around you. While you may occasionally be curious about the idea of a relationship, you don’t feel the necessity to change this.

You Refuse to Be Controlled

If you attribute the sacrifices and teamwork of a relationship to being controlled, then you aren’t going to be happy with anyone regardless of who it may be.

You Don’t Like Chaos

Let’s be honest, relationships aren’t always neat and tidy. If the idea of inviting someone else into your home or your schedule creates a feeling of chaos, leaving you anxious and uncomfortable, you may not be ready to share your life with someone.

You Live by The Motto ‘No Surrender’

 If you are the kind of person who is prepared to ‘fight to the death’ regardless of what it may be about, it won’t be long before any partner you are with grows tired of the constant battle.

You Prefer ‘Alone’ Time to ‘Together’ Time

The whole underlying point of being in a relationship is wanting to spend your lives together. This means you genuinely enjoy spending time together!