This Guy Pushes The Limits Of The Human Voice As Far As Inhumanly Possible.

Tom Thum: Armed with just a microphone pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds, with scratched vinyl, the Michael Jackson back-catalogue, the didgeridoo and an entire fifties jazz band amongst his vocal repertoire.

‘There are not enough superlatives to describe the wonder of this beatboxing virtuoso – I am still trying to figure out how he got those sounds out of his mouth’ ~ The Daily Telegraph (UK)

“TOM THUM, THE VERSATILE VOICEBOX ‘Tom Thum appears to have swallowed an entire orchestra and several backing singers’ ~ The Guardian (UK)

‘The mic master seems to have an orchestra living in his throat: trumpet blasts, guitar strums and samples from classic songs including Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” effortlessly spout from his mouth’

~Time Out, NY

(Note: It’s worth watching this video the whole way through. It just gets better and better as it goes on)

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