10 Surprising Strengths That Come From a Tough Childhood

While no one plans to have a rough childhood, sometimes it’s just what happens. However, having a rough childhood doesn’t make you tainted, on the contrary, there are a number of ways that it actually makes you stronger.

Despite claims that childhood is a time filled with candy, lollipops and rainbows, for those of us who lived a harder life, we know that this isn’t the truth. For many of us, childhood involved divorce, addiction, abuse, and hardship. And while most would assume that a childhood like that would merit becoming a flawed adult, I have a counterproposal. Instead, I believe there are a number of ways in which a rough childhood makes a stronger adult in the long run.

1. Survival Instincts

While many children never have to learn survival instincts, and have someone constantly caring for their every need, others don’t have it so easy. However, when they reach adulthood, it is easier for them to transition because they have already lived an adult life.

2. They Don’t Feel Entitled to Anything

Instead of feeling like the world owes you everything, you know that anything worth having has to be earned.

3. They Have Realistic Ideals Concerning Adulthood

As many children approach adulthood, they may believe that the world is filled with sunshine and rainbows. But the child that has endured a harder life already knows what the world has to offer and can set realistic expectations.

4. They Are Thankful for What They Have Achieved

As a person that has lived a hard life, the child who had had a harder life will be thankful for any blessings along the way, because they know that not everything in life is perfect.

5. They Are Resilient

While many children emerging into adulthood may not be able to take the hardships along the way, the child that has emerged from a difficult childhood will be able endure more because they have already dealt with so much.

6. They Are More Forgiving

When you have been around people, both good and bad, you learn a sense of who truly means sorry when they say it. Due to that, those who have went through a harder childhood are more forgiving of the mistakes of others, because they can sense their sincerity.

7. They Make Better Parents

While not all of those who had a rough childhood will grow into the best parents, I believe its a safe bet that many do. Why? Because they can learn from the mistakes of their own parents.

8. Compassion

When you have endured more challenges as a child than many adults do, it’s easier to express compassion towards others, due to the fact that you may want to make the world a better place.

9. Better Mindset to Assess Bad Situations

When you have been through the ringer, you know a bad situation when you see one.

10. Better Communication Skills

If you have been around bullies, cruel parents, or abusive caregivers, you may have found out quite quickly what it meant to choose your words carefully. And while at the time that may have been a bad thing, it doesn’t have to be later in life.

Inspired by articles that appeared on Psychology Today and Personality Buzz