Talking To Yourself Actually Means You’re A Genius


Have you ever started talking to yourself out in public, only to become ashamed and embarrassed? Well, stop, because there is actually nothing to be ashamed of!

If anything, you should be proud, because according to a recently published study in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, self-directed speech helps people who are trying to find a specific object in a group of items. When you say the name of the item out loud, you are more prone to find the object than if you didn’t talk to yourself.


Basically, in lamens terms, saying things aloud makes it easier to process the material world, and to work our way through it. And, if you have been working to stop talking to yourself, it may just be best to hang up your freak flag, loud and proud, than to put it away. 




Furthermore, Albert Einstein talked to himself. He “used to repeat his sentences to himself softly,” explains 

The study above gave 20 people the name of an object (like apple), which they were told to find in the grocery store. In the first control group, participants were sworn to silence. In another control group, they were able to speak to themselves while searching. And what they found was that the group that spoke to themselves during the process found their objects exponentially faster than the others.


So, once again, the next time you find yourself talking aloud, only to you, don’t fret. Instead, rejoice, because you are much smarter because of it. Your welcome.