Don’t Leave a Glass of Water Next to Your Bed for the Morning – Here’s Why!

Have you ever woken up in the morning and taken a drink of the glass of water that you had poured the night before, only to find it tasted ‘off’? Have you wondered if the water somehow ‘expired’ over the course of the night sitting on your bedside table?

Here’s what really happens…

water, drinking water, water in the morning, morning hydration

Discovery News recently released this video, discussing the difference in your water:

While there is a slight change to the water itself, lowering the pH of the water slightly due to the absorption of carbon dioxide, causing it to be slightly more acidic, this isn’t what you should concern yourself with!

Over the course of the night sitting there in an open glass your water will collect the dust and dead skin cells that are circulating in the air of your room. Modern day bottled water and tap water are treated and therefore can last for a significant time sitting out, however even water can grow bacteria and algae when left alone too long!

water, drinking water, water in the morning, morning hydration

So, unless you enjoy drinking a glass containing whatever dust and particles found their way into your water over night, we recommend pouring a fresh glass first thing in the morning!




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