Pyramids of Egypt: Lost Ancient Technology (Textbooks Debunked in 5-Minutes)

Much of the ancient history taught in our school systems has not changed much over the course of years. This information has become accepted as fact and continues unquestioned from year to year, written in textbooks and taught in lectures.


The idea of ancient civilizations, void of modern machinery, constructing the Great Pyramids solely by slave labor does not add up! As the video explains,

“If you were to take a 9000lb pyramid stone, and say it was about 3 ½ feet by 3 ½ feet (which isn’t uncommon to find) it would take literally, if you were to unload this, if men did this without machinery as they want us to believe, like you know a bunch of slaves doing this… If you were to have 3 people on each side, and keep in mind we are talking a 3 ½ foot dimension, but if you could fit 3 people on each side of 3 ½ feet, which would be a tight squeeze, each individual person would be lifting more than 900lbs!”

With the advanced mathematical mindsets required in order to develop the plans for these structures, creating such elaborate fine-tuned architecture, one must rethink the intellectual level that these civilizations operated at! If their intellect was so far advanced, is it then difficult to conceive that they may have had some form of ancient technology that we are not yet aware of?

Watch this video to see just how inaccurate our education on Ancient Egyptian civilizations must be: